Art Collective 2.0

Presentations at last year's Art Collective
Presentations at last year’s Art Collective

Hello everyone! Dragon Burn Art Collective 2.0 is here. Curious what happens at Art Collective? Take a look at last year’s gallery to see pictures from last year’s event.

Art Collective 2.0

Art Collective 2.0
Art Collective 2.0

The Art Collective 2.0 will consist of several parts. First we will introduce what it is the Art Collective does. Next, we will showcase some installations, workshops, and performances from past Burns. Mikro will give a mini-lecture on how to run your Dragon Burn Project from conception to fundraising to installation. Then we will give everyone a run down of this year’s Art Application submissions, theme camps, installations, workshops, and performances. Finally we end the night with a social where you all get a chance to meet each other and sparkle some magic.

Art Application

What is the Art Application you ask? Click here to find out!

The deadline is this Sunday March 26th so get on it, would you?! It still works without VPN, but may load a bit slow.

‘Hammockville’ installation 2015
‘Hammockville’ installation 2015

Sharing creative talent is a very important part of Burn culture. Think of how one has a radical idea to express through forms of art. Then others in the community will contribute their effort to help make it a reality. Together we create something epic that one could not accomplish on their own. It is in this process that we learn about ourselves and each other, establish new connections, and evolve.

Come and talk with us about your idea and present it to fellow Burners. They might want to be on your team and help you create something epic! Come if you have some spare time and a passionate heart to contribute to someone else’s idea whether mentally or physically. Come if you don’t have anything better to do and wanna come make fun of the ridiculous outfits Burner wear or marvel at the ridiculous ideas people come up with.


The Market @ 270 Aomen Rd. (used to be Cambio Coffee)

6th April, 7:30-9:30 PM

Be there or be square.

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